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Olive oil mill

Olive oil mill

Experience and tradition
From our hills

We grow, select and manually harvest the Fattoria’s best olives for the production of Olio Extravergine d’Oliva Biologico Toscano IGP. The pressing process of our olives is the best example of synergy between modernity and tradition, guaranteeing the best quality values for our oil.

After being harvested, the olives are immediately sent on to processing in order to safeguard their quality. The production of oil in our mill consists of several stages. The first stage is the defoliation of the olives, followed by washing with water to remove all impurities.

Then, the olives are crushed and, subsequently, sent to the extraction phase where centrifugal presses separate the solid part from the liquid part composed of water and oil. The oil is then extracted from the latter using centrifugal separators. The final product is finally checked, certified and bottled, its quality guaranteed by the great experience and expertise that the Sardelli Family has acquired over the years.

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