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Our Background

Our Background

A land and its millenary history
A centuries-old tradition

Starting in the 20th century, with passion and dedication the Sardelli‘s family has continued that ancient olive oil and wine-making tradition that has been Fattoria di Doccia’s hallmark since bygone times.

Located along the ancient road that connected Florence to Arezzo, the Fattoria’s estate dominates the wide valley that surrounds it. Its hills, now cultivated with vineyards and olive groves, have witnessed the agricultural experience of the most ancient civilizations that have bequeathed a territory deeply devoted to the production of olive oil and of wine.

The oldest evidence of cultivation in this area dates back to the period of the Etruscan and Ancient Roman times. The currently existing settlements and the farm center of the Fattoria are largely of medieval and Renaissance origin, while the development of the crops and farm plots, as we see them today, has defined its structure since the 18th century.

A family tradition
Genuine flavours

The search for the authentic and traditional flavours of our land, along with the care and respect for the land, are the values behind our family’s dedication to organic farming which finds its concrete realization in the Fattoria di Doccia estate.

This is how the natural balance of its crops make the approximately 250 hectares of Fattoria di Doccia one of the largest in the area entirely cultivated using organic farming methods.

Storia Fattoria di Doccia
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