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Vin Santo winery

Vin Santo winery

Vin Santo Del Chianti Rufina DOC
Produced like in ancient times

A long and complex process underlies the production of Fattoria di Doccia’s Vin Santo, made primarily from Trebbiano and Malvasia and Verdea grapes grown in our vineyards.

The healthiest bunches, after being selected and harvested, are placed on straw mats inside the vinsantaia’ (Vin Santo winery), distributed in specially made wooden baskets that can hold more than 50 quintals of grapes. Here the clusters are left to dry according to the traditional method, letting the grapes decrease their humidity content only with the help of the natural ventilation of the premises and their exposure to the temperature variations due to the weather.

Once the drying phase on the mats is completed, the grapes are first pressedand then placed in typical wooden kegs where they remain for at least three years.

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