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Why Organic

Why Organic

Our vision
In diligentia naturae salus

The Sardelli family has embarked on this path because it is driven by a vision, one that sees a present and a future enhanced by healthy agriculture, one that looks to the environmental good before profit, to the defense of the biodiversity of its territory and puts the defence of its territory’s biodiversity and agricultural sustainability first.

Our vision is that of a fully organic and environmentally sustainable farm that can combine the production of wine and oil of the highest quality with respect and care for the entire biodiversity of this land.

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How we work

We aim to ensure that our vines and olive trees grow healthy and strong without the help of chemicals and without the use of genetically modified organisms.

Through the manual and mechanical containment of grass and through the regulation and control of the plants’ green apparatus, we ensure that they enjoy maximum aeration and low levels of moisture.


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